Foot Reflexology Massage

Foot massages are also known as reflexology and were mainly practiced by Chinese massage therapists. In this kind of massage, therapists believe that each spot on the sole of the foot corresponds to an internal organ, and by applying pressure on these points one can not only heal a patient but can also augment overall well-being. Reflexology is based on the theory that an ailment of an internal organ is associated with the nerve ending on the sole of the foot, and according to this theory a healthy patient should not feel any strong pain when pressure is applied on the sole. The massage starts with the patientē—“ feet soaked in a dark-colored solution of hot water and Chinese herbs, also known as a foot bath, for about ten minutes. The message therapist then use medicated cream to moisturize the foot and provide lubrication, with the knuckles on the therapistē—“ hand providing a hard and smooth implement for the massage. Foot therapists believe that painful spots in the foot actually reflects the illness of the part of the body that the spot is associated with, and therefore the practitioner rubs and massages the painful spots to break down rough spots and accumulated crystals to increase circulation. Reflexology massage therapists believe that an ailment is healed when the sore spots of the sole are treated and removed by massage therapy. Based on this theory, some companies also manufacture shoe liners with pressure points to stimulate the soles of the feet to promote better health. Some reflexology therapists claim that with reflexology they can cure aches and pains like migraine headaches and sinus problems, by massaging the correct reflex points on the foot. Some also claim to cure hormonal imbalances, breathing disorders, digestive problems, back problem, circulatory problems and even tension and stress problems. Reflexology is often combined with other massage therapies and practices, such as acupressure, yoga, and tai chi, which involve not just the feet but also the hands and other body parts or zones. Although foot massage is believed to break down crystalline deposits, remove blockages in the nerves, improve blood supply and aid detoxification, not much research in this area has been carried out to confirm the benefits of Reflexology massage therapy.



Foot reflexology is effective in bringing about a deep state of relaxation. The solar plexus is the nerve center where stress is stored. When the solar plexus reflex point is pressed, it is as if all of the stress in the body is eliminated. Because stress can greatly affect the immune system and leave one vulnerable to serious illnesses such as cancer, it is important to relieve it. Reflexology can help in this way.

Improved Circulation

Reflexology can improve blood circulation in the feet and throughout the body. The gentle stroking of the feet and the application of certain hand and finger techniques improves blood flow to vital organs. Blood delivers oxygen and nutrients to these organs, nourishing body tissues. If a part of the body is injured, foot reflexology can help repair the injured tissue.

Reduction of Pain

Foot reflexology is effective for pain management. When reflexology is applied to the feet, more endorphins are produced to block pain signals to the brain. Endorphins are painkillers that are stronger than morphine. People who are experiencing pain may get significant relief through reflexology.


Foot reflexology can bring balance when constipation is an issue. Stimulation of the intestine, colon and other corresponding reflexes can make elimination easier and return it to a normal state.

Improved Memory

Because oxygen is required to keep the cells of the body in a healthy state, foot reflexology can help to deliver vital oxygen to brain cells. Stimulation of the brain reflexes on the feet improves circulation of blood to the head. Foot reflexology, when administered routinely, will help improve a forgetful mind.

Improved Relationship

Reflexology can make your relationship stronger. Touching the feet can be sensual and relaxing, and reflexology can put your partner in a state of relaxation that will heighten the lovemaking experience. Giving your partner a reflexology session is a wonderful expression of love and caring.

Foot Refleology massage COMBO

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Foot Massage35 minutes
Foot Massage
Full Body Massage10 minutes
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